The subject of tonight’s post is the story of a Southwestern White Pine, Pinus strobiformis, I collected from the mountains of Southeast Arizona right around this time of year in 2005. I decided to do this now to coincide with the publication of an article I wrote for International Bonsai that is out this month; I have permission form the Editor, Bill Valavanis to do so. Sorry I don’t have an image for you right here but I do have a pdf file you can download–IT’S SAFE. There you will see the article and images as if you were a subscriber to the magazine. By the way–International Bonsai is one of the better magazines about bonsai you can be reading. I highly recommend you take out a subscription to this publication. Lots of really good information plus images of really great trees like mine ( no pride here)

Let’s see if this works: Click on the link below:

ABOUT THE COVER; a second screen will appear with the same link…click on it again, then Voila!

So, I tried it out in the preview that WordPress provides and it works but the link comes up on a second screen that you have to re-click the link on…does that make sense? First click on the link  ‘About The Cover’ a screen will come up with the same title, click on that and the file opens. and there you have the article about the pine. Sorry for all the hoops–I’m not a computer guy, I’m an artist. I feel compelled to post an image of this tree anyway if you are somehow challenged by all this 😉

springshow2010 022


This photo was taken of the tree in its first public appearance at the Portland Japanese Garden Pavillion for the 2010 Bonsai Society of Portland Spring Show. The accent to this is also one of my babies–a rock penstemon in a pot made by Michael Hagedorn