Two posts in the same week! I’m on a roll, somebody stop me 😉 My internet is no better today, but I was so pleased with the way my photo session went yesterday, I can’t wait to share my work with you…just after finishing the larger common juniper, I decided to work on the Pacific yew.

I’ve posted about this tree on the blog before, regarding its first potting to a bonsai container. I did some pruning this summer and realized the tree is very strong, so had planned to style it this fall, after one year and seven months in a bonsai pot. Here is the tree after styling with a view of the new preferred front, which is rotated about 5 minutes clockwise from the original front:




And a shot of the original front:


Detail of live veins near apex:


Detail of apex and ten-jin:


Detail of upper right branch:



Detail of the apex:



There’s much more I’d like to share but my internet is making this painfully slow an unpredictable…please bear with me for more