It”s been a while since I put up a post, there just isn’t enough time in the summer with all the watering and trimming and de-wiring and all else that needs doing! I was able to get a few shots taken of things in and around the benches in June and we got a cool showery day today, so I thought I’d share some things from last month. First, a shot of an accent shelf that was once a power pole cross arm:

accent shelf

Detail of a glass insulator:


And another shelf:

accent shelf

The iron objects were found and can be used as stands for accents:

accent stand

Next is a sub-alpine fir planted on a rock with some six spotted saxifrage in bloom:

sub-alpine fir

Detail of the saxifrage:

six spotted saxifrage


six spotted saxifrage

A viburnum I bought from Anne Spencer was in bloom:


A detail of the flowers:

viburnum flower

And a privet from Michael Hagedorn flowered:Privet

Detail of flowers:

privet flower

A ponderosa pine I potted earlier this spring:


Next an Ocean Spray, a northwest native in full bloom:

Ocean Spray

And look what volunteered in the pot of a maple cutting…I have no idea where this came from. It’s a sundew, a carnivorous plant:


The forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week is for more hot weather…typical July in Portland! I hope your summer is going well!