If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve got a bit of a reputation for doing some pretty ‘out there’ stuff with trees. Once in a while I give in to my urge to let go and just have some fun with it…and such is the case with the subject of today’s post, a little noble fir I dug out of a long-abandoned logging road shortly after I arrived in Oregon. I was new to the area and anything looked good to me because it was such a change from living in the Sonoran Desert. This poor little fir had been driven over by an ATV which gave it the character to cause me to stop and take a second look at it. I potted it into a dollar store plastic collander and two years later, in 2008, I wired it:


Check out the mushrooms growing out the side on the left:


Sorry for them not being in focus! Let’s try another shot:


I’m not sure what they are,  but I’m calling them chanterelles. They’re kind of the same color as a chanterelle anyway…

This little tree grew like crazy over the next few years and I decided to find a pot for it. I like to go through old dumps I run across on my hikes and found a pretty rich source of junk from one in particular. It had the old ‘bones’ of some household appliances along with some old automobile parts that somehow followed me home 😉 I happened to find the burner well from an old electric range that was a dead ringer for a namban if I ever did see one (namban is Japanese word for the ceramic lids to vessels that were used to feed ducks; bonsai artists drilled drainage holes in the bottom of them and used them as containers for bunjin style trees) This little fir was quirky enough, I felt, to merit such an unusual container. The next shot is the tree in its new ‘pot’. It’s also sporting a new styling done recently:


In case you’re wondering what that thing it’s sitting on is, think of it turned upside-down and mounted on a wheel–it’s the business end of an old garden cultivator I found in yet another old dump. I thought the two made an interesting combination together…what do you think?